Fee Structure

I have retired from the practice of law.  A special thank you to all my

clients that have made my practice successful over the years.

I normally charge an hourly rate, however, many services have a flat fixed-rate fee

 - Travel to/from court or meetings (i.e. mediation) is charged at 50% of my hourly rate (N/A in Kentwood)

  - My hourly rate does NOT include court costs and fees that are the responsibility of the client



 Retainers:   (Retainers are required for most Criminal & Civil Litigation matters).


- I take criminal defense cases for adjudication throughout Western Michigan 

 - A retainer is a deposit that the client makes prior to the start of the lawyer representing the client

 - The amount is based on the expected difficulty or length of representation

 - When the lawyer bills for his services, he will deduct that amount from the retainer

 - If the cost of the representation exceeds the retainer, a new retainer may be required, if the costs are less, the   

    remainder of the retainer is returned to the client.

 - Unlike most other attorneys, I charge two distinct "segments" for criminal defense cases.  A flat fee that does NOT

    include any trial preparation and a distinct flat fee that covers trial preparation and trial itself.  By charging

    these separately, and because 98% of criminal cases don't go to trial, it is much more cost effective for you!



 - My Hourly rate applies with required retainers for fees and costs.  Certain Civil Litigation defense may allow for a

     contingency fee arrangement, or a hybrid hourly-contingency fee arrangement.

Flat Fees:   Most non-litigation representations can be on a flat fee schedule

 - As with the hourly rate, court costs/fees & recording fees are not included in the flat fee, if applicable

  - Estate Planning Services, flat fees:

    -- Will-based estate plan includes a Will, a Power of Attorney (Financial), Medical Power of Attorney, HIPAA, Funeral Designation 

        ---  $595 for single person,  $695 for a couple     


    -- Living Revocable Trust package include a trust, certificate, and the will-based documents outlined above. 

       Cost depends on complexity of your trust ($1500 - $3000) 

   - Document Review (contracts, leases, power of attorney):  $295 Consultation charge (up to 25 pages)  


    Email me or call me for more information.



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